10+ Superbowl Snacks, Appetizers and Drinks!

Harissa honey butter wings

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Muhammara – Hummus is delicious, but when you try muhammara, this Syrian roasted red pepper dip, you’ll be HOOKED!

Fuul Mudammas – The fava bean cousin of hummus. We have been making it without tahini lately which I prefer, but I also have a recipe for this dish with tahini here.

Fuul Mudammas

Black bean, corn and jicama salsa – A simple and refreshing salsa that is colorful and quick to put together.

black bean, corn and jicama salsa

Bruschetta tomatoes and burrata – Many people have made this and I truly think it’s one of the best bruschettas out there!

bruschetta and burrata cheese

Tomato jam jar with pesto and ricotta – If you’ve ever had this layered dip from the Nordstrom cafe years ago, this is my rendition of it! They don’t carry this on the menu anymore, but I’m so glad I can make it whenever I want it!

Tomato jam jar


Spinach artichoke garlic bread rolls – Fluffy, garlicky and just downright irresistible! Also the newest recipe on the site!

Spinach Artichoke Garlic Bread Rolls

Shredded chicken empanadas with chimichurri sauce – Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The chimichurri adds the perfect fresh bite.

Shredded chicken empanadas with chimichurri

Crab cakes – In the picture are my crab cakes benedicts, BUT you can also enjoy just the crab cakes as a delicious appetizer!

Harissa honey butter wings – Sweet, spicy and savory. Each bite gets better and better. Plus they’re made in the oven instead of fried, so the hands off time is ideal for football parties!

Harissa honey butter wings

Msakhan rolls (Sumac chicken rolls) – Have a rotisserie chicken? Shred that baby up and make these super simple sumac chicken rolls!



Blackberry basil margarita

Blackberry Basil Margarita

Arabic coffee

Sage tea

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