Meal Plan 19: September 18 – 24

mediterranean lentil soup

Last Updated on September 18, 2022 by Jacqueline Rafidi

Monday: Creamy tomato skillet chicken and spinach. Have any leftover pasta sauce in the fridge?

Tuesday: Pan seared chicken with fig jam and soy glaze. Make these with a simple salad and some mashed potatoes for something starchy on the side

Wednesday: Turkey Pumpkin Chili. Because pumpkin isn’t just for sweet recipes!

Thursday: Mediterranean lentil soup for a little extra cozy vibe. Soup season has arrived, my friends!

Friday: Mujaddara and simple salad is always a go-to. Serve these with some pickles which is my fave!

Saturday: Pollo Asado Tacos with a blackberry basil margarita because you can still grill outside even when the weather is cooling off!

Breakfast: Pumpkin Almond Croissants because I think it’s officially that time!

Dessert: Arabic coffee and chocolate pot de creme, we all need a little decadence in our life!

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