Meal Plan 11: July 24-30

Fuul Mudammas

Last Updated on July 24, 2022 by Jacqueline Rafidi

Monday: Easy orange chicken stir fry. So colorful and delicious! Its also not fried so its quicker to make and better for you. This recipe uses ground chicken, but if you prefer to use thin strips of chicken, head to the highlights on my Instagram @thebitewithjackie to see how I make it that way!

Tuesday: Freekeh salad with shrimp, corn and Middle Eastern chimichurri! This meal is AMAZING. If you’ve never tried freekeh, its a nutty grain from Palestine with incredible health benefits. You’re going to love this one!

Wednesday: Chicken shawarma with fattoush salad just sounds perfect! If you don’t feel like making the shawarma into wraps, cut the chicken how you like it and enjoy it with some Arab rice pilaf of yellow rice and the salad on the side.

Thursday: Tortellini salad is so simple and delicious. If you have any leftover chicken shawarma from the night before, slice that up and add it to the salad! SO good! Especially with that sweet corn – YUM!

Friday: Sayadiyeh. This fragrant spiced rice dish looks fit for royalty but truly doesn’t require much time. Try it with some salata falahiyeh or simple Middle Eastern salad and some Greek yogurt for good measure!

Satuday: Make some crab cakes! If you’re feeling adventurous, turn them into a crab cakes benedict for a fun breakfast or lunch this weekend! These are amazing!

Breakfast: Fuul Mudammas. This is one of our favorite breakfasts to have, especially on a weekend morning. If you like hummus, you’re going to LOVE this. We have been making it without tahini for a while, but I also have a recipe for it with tahini here.

Dessert: Warbat bil ashta. INCREDIBLY simple to make. If you have some puff pastry in the fridge or freezer that you’re not sure what to do with, let this be your calling. These are filling with a homemade cream (ashta), baked and then topped with a simple syrup. Irresistable.

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