Meal Plan 1 – Week of May 15-21

tortellini salad with pesto vinaigrette

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Monday: Tortellini salad to get you through the workweek. I even suggest making a double batch! Top with some protein of choice to keep yourself feeling fuller longer. This salad gets even better as it sits! Have any leftover grilled/roasted veg? Chop it up and add it in here too! 

Tuesday: Greek chicken and tzatziki sauce is SUCH a winner! I’ve been on such a Greek kick lately – stay tuned for some recipes this coming week inspired by Greek flavors! We LOVE this over a salad ), with rice or sliced and eaten as a wrap with a warm pita, tomatoes, tzatziki, and hot sauce!

Wednesday: Mujaddara because it’s the middle of the week, there’s tons to do, we need a quick, one-pot meal and this mujaddara is exactly that! It’s inexpensive, healthy, and it’s flavorful. Be sure to make my simple salad, to go along with it! This meal isn’t the same without that salad. I also love adding a pickle and olives on the side; many people also enjoy it with some plain Greek yogurt!

Thursday: Creamy tomato chicken skillet – this meal was created using some leftover sauces I had in the fridge, and I LOVED how it came out. You can pretty much customize it however you like by adding whatever veggies you want into it. I make this all the time with pasta on the side. 

Friday: White wine scallops because it’s restaurant worthy right at home! If you’ve never made scallops before, let this be the first recipe you try! I love this with pasta, too. 

Dessert: Raspberry white chocolate muffins which can ALSO double as breakfast! Make a double batch. Just trust me, they’re THAT good.

Let me know if you make any of these recipes this week! Tag me or send me pictures on Instagram @thebitewithjackie or email me at [email protected] I’d love to hear what you think!

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  1. Hi Jackie:

    This is Vivian. I made the Greek chicken. I marinated overnight. I used tenderloins instead of chicken breasts. Instead of lemons used I used fresh lime. I cooked it on medium heat three minutes each side to get the perfect sear. The chicken came out so juicy and delicious. It tastes as if you are on a Greek island on a warm beach day. This will definitely be on my weekly dinner list.

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