Meal Plan 17: September 4 – 10

end of summer chili

Last Updated on September 4, 2022 by Jacqueline Rafidi

Monday: End of summer chili is a delicious way to start the week. Add meat of choice if you’d like to make it more filling and hearty. Also, don’t forget the toppings!

Tuesday: Pan seared chicken with fig jam and soy glaze – because it’s fig season and we all need our fix! This meal is just perfect! Serve with a side salad like fattoush and rice!

Wednesday: Greek chicken and tzatziki with horiatiki salad, and Greek rice pilaf is always a good idea.

Thursday: Spinach and ricotta stuffed shells, an easy and comforting dish to ease our way into fall!

Friday: Mediterranean lentil soup. SUCH a popular recipe and for good reason! My favorite way to make lentil soup.

Saturday: Pollo asado tacos on the grill to finish up the last few weeks of grilling season – although I do love to grill in the fall time, so there will be grilling recipes still coming!

Breakfast: Bayd w batata, this week’s newest recipe, is an Arab breakfast staple and one of my favorites! Crispy, spiced potatoes and scrambled eggs marry together for a delicious bite!

Dessert: Salted brown butter chocolate chip cookies to keep that sweet tooth satisfied all week long!

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