Meal Plan 26: November 6 – 12

Italian White Bean Soup with Butternut Squash and Kale

Monday: Moussaka! Serve with some Greek rice pilaf and Horiatiki salad!

Tuesday: Italian White Bean Soup with Butternut Squash and Kale for a bowl of comfort on these chilly days.

Wednesday: Blackened salmon with walnut date gremolata as a quick and healthy mid week meal.

Thursday: Creamy white wine chicken for an easy 30 min meal on a Thursday evening

Friday: Korean spicy silken tofu soup. So good with some plain white rice. One of my favorite late night foods.

Saturday: Make a batch of wontons for wonton soup. We love making extra to flash freeze and keep in the freezer for quick meals in the future! Use these for soups or fry them up for a quick appetizer!

Breakfast: Bayd w Batata because that’s what we’re currently having here!

Dessert: Ghraybeh – the simplest of sugar cookies and in my opinion, the best!

Easy Greek Moussaka

Easy Greek Moussaka

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Easy Greek moussaka is one of our go-to comfort foods in the fall and has quickly become a favorite even year round. Although this moussaka recipe is not an Arab…
Blackened Salmon with Walnut date gremolata

Blackened Salmon with Walnut Date Gremolata

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Blackened Salmon with Walnut Date Gremolata is truly one of my favorite ways to enjoy salmon. Its also, for the most part, a sheet pan meal! Who doesn’t love that?…
Creamy White Wine Chicken

30 Minute Creamy White Wine Chicken

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This is the time of year that people want a speedy and comforting dinner on the table after a long day and this 30 minute creamy white wine chicken does…
wonton soup

Homemade Wonton Soup

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My mom and I used to make these wontons all the time from the time I was in middle school. We would always have these in the freezer for a…

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