Meal Plan 33: December 26 – 31

Braised Short Ribs with Creamy Polenta

Monday: Italian White Bean and Kale Soup for something easy to eat and comforting for our bodies

Tuesday: Roasted lemon garlic salmon for a simple, feel-good dinner

Wednesday: Mediterranean shrimp with tomatoes and feta, some Greek rice and a horiatiki salad

Thursday: Chicken marsala maybe with some mashed potatoes and a simple salad

Friday: Loubia bil zeit. If you can’t find long beans, use haricots verts (French green beans) instead!

Saturday: Braised short ribs and creamy polenta simmering away will make your house smell amazing

Breakfast: Arab breakfast strata, a complete Arab breakfast in one dish

Dessert: Salted brown butter chocolate chip cookies because it’s only right to start the year off with these!

Drink: Holly Jolly Christmas Sangria – Whether it’s Christmas or not! It’s even perfect for New Years eve, just top with a little prosecco, champagne or ginger beer to add some spritz.

Roasted lemon garlic salmon with herby vinaigrette

Roasted Lemon Garlic Salmon with Herby Vinaigrette

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Your newest favorite weeknight meal! Roasted lemon garlic salmon with herby vinaigrette is simple, beautiful, and delicious. Vibrant colors will automatically gravitate you to this luscious recipe, but just wait…
mediterranean shrimp with tomatoes and feta

Mediterranean Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta

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Are you ready for your new favorite weekday dish? This Mediterranean shrimp comes together SO quickly with minimal time and ingredients. Who doesn’t love that for weekdays?! I love shrimp…
Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala

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Chicken marsala sounds like a fancy, intricate dish mainly ordered at restaurants, but when you see how easy this is to make, this may be on your rotation for weeknight…

Loubia bil Zeit (Long bean and tomato stew)

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Loubia bil Zeit is a popular weeknight meal for Arabs. Its quick, filling, hearty and its also popular with kids! I tend to prefer loubia (Arabic for ‘long beans’) over…
Braised Short Ribs with Creamy Polenta

Braised Short Ribs & Creamy Polenta

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I was inspired to make these short ribs by a dish from one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego – Cucina Urbana. They have a delicious Short rib pappardelle…

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