Meal Plan 7 – Week of June 26 – July 2

chicken shawarma

Monday: Chipotle lime chicken with cilantro honey yogurt sauce is the right move to start off the week! Enjoy this with my new recipe for Black bean, corn and jicama salsa! Enjoy with rice or tortillas.

Tuesday: Veggie lettuce cups! These are so refreshing and have a nice crisp to them from the water chestnuts! Enjoy this with some rice and maybe even spicy Korean tofu soup – Sundubu jjigae, because I could have soup ALL year long! Especially this one.

Wednesday: If you haven’t already made my summer rice salad, now is the time! It’s SO refreshing! Add some chicken, steak or chickpeas for some extra protein.

Thursday: I just love my Mediterranean shrimp with tomatoes and feta. Enjoy this with my Greek rice pilaf and Horiatiki salad. SUCH simple and satisfying meal!

Friday: Chicken shawarma! Because there’s never a wrong time for shawarma and this one is seriously the best shawarma I’ve had.

Saturday: Throw a BBQ with Chicken kebabs, Arab rice pilaf, a simple Middle Eastern salad, and my new recipe for Arabic potato salad! This potato salad has no mayo and is full of herbs and dressed with a quick lemony vinaigrette!

Breakfast: French toast is the word this week! Choose from my new recipe for Vanilla Bean French Toast or my cheese stuffed Knafeh French Toast for a little something new!

Dessert: Coconut trembleque is the perfect, chilled, no-bake dessert to get you through the week!

Veggie Lettuce Cups

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love cooking with Asian flavors. Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, I just love them all! During lent when we eat pretty much…
mediterranean shrimp with tomatoes and feta

Mediterranean Shrimp with Tomatoes and Feta

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Are you ready for your new favorite weekday dish? This Mediterranean shrimp comes together SO quickly with minimal time and ingredients. Who doesn’t love that for weekdays?! I love shrimp…
chicken shawarma

THE BEST Restaurant Style Chicken Shawarma!

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BEHOLD! The absolute perfect, homemade chicken shawarma recipe! Better than you can get at a restaurant! This is the only chicken shawarma recipe you’ll ever need, trust me. It is…

Restaurant Style Chicken Kebabs/Kabobs

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Nothing screams Middle Eastern food like some grilled Kebabs on the table! Chicken Kebabs happen to be one of my favorite meals in the world! There are so many delicious…
Vanilla Bean french toast

Vanilla Bean French Toast

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This vanilla bean French toast is a GAME CHANGER. You’ll seriously never make French toast another way again. This is the absolute BEST, easy French toast recipe! The brioche bread…

Coconut Pudding – Trembleque

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I first discovered this pudding at a local Puerto Rican restaurant. I wanted a dessert and they had a few options: flan – which I’ve never been the biggest fan…

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