Meal Plan 3 – Week of May 29 – June 4

freekeh salad with shrimp corn and middle eastern chimichurri

Last Updated on July 2, 2022 by Team HH

Monday: Freekeh salad with shrimp and corn! I’m so proud of this recipe and I just KNOW you’ll love it as much as I do! Its refreshing and tastes great even the next day! Perfect to go with your memorial day BBQ!

Tuesday: Moussaka! Not gonna lie, we’re experiencing a bit of June gloom here and if you are too, this is a great way to warm you up and get you fueled for the week ahead. SO good with my vermiceli rice pilaf and a horiatiki salad!

Wednesday: Buffalo chicken sandwiches! Believe it or not, they’re seriously quick and make for INCREDIBLE leftovers with my leftovers over greens style buffalo chicken salad! The ingredient list for that is listed in the buffalo sandwich recipe!

Thursday: Chicken shawarma is the PERFECT thing to pump you up and get you ready for pre-Friday! Make this exactly like the recipe suggests and its the BEST shawarma that you can your hands on in the states. Truly a masterpiece. You can also make a shawarma bowl and put the chicken over some Greek rice pilaf or yellow rice and a simple salad with a side of hummus! Yummmm!

Friday: Spinach and ricotta stuffed shells are a quick crowd pleaser. My kids love these and the great thing about them is they can be frozen! Make some extra and keep them in the freezer to help you out on super busy days!

Saturday: Mahshi & Warak! Because its that time of year and our grape leaves are flourishing! We just harvested some and cant wait to make them! I plan to grow some zucchini and squash also! Definitely a weekend meal but SO worth it. Make some Ijjeh with the insides of the squash while you’re at it!

Breakfast: Easy chilaquiles! They’re so beautiful to look at and easy to eat – right out of the skillet! They’re also REALLY delicious. Customize the top to how you like it, there’s tons of suggestions in the recipe card!

Dessert: Apricot mabroosheh! These are so delicious to have on hand throughout the week. Come and grab a slice whenever you feel like it for a little pick me up! They’re also perfect for a breakfast dessert with coffee or tea. Breakfast dessert? Is that a thing? I’m making it one.

Appetizer: Tomato jam jar with ricotta and pesto! These are the perfect way to kick off summer. You don’t need to put these in a jar, you can totally serve these on a platter or a clear serving bowl. Make some crostini to dip the deliciousness with and you’re golden!

Drinks: It’s Memorial Day Weekend! We need some summery, delicious drinks like my fresh fruit and herb margaritas! If you’re not a drinker, you can absolutely make these alcohol free and just blend up everything else. They’re so good and refreshing, perfect for the holiday weekend!

Easy Greek Moussaka

Easy Greek Moussaka

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Mahshi & Warak

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Easy Chilaquiles

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