Meal Plan 14: August 14-20

loubia bil zeit, long bean/green bean and tomato stew

Last Updated on August 14, 2022 by Jacqueline Rafidi

Monday: Creamy tomato and white wine chicken is a staple of mine that I started making when I was going to SJSU. Its been a favorite ever since! I love this over pasta but it would also be delicious with mashed potatoes!

Tuesday: Chipotle lime chicken with cilantro honey yogurt sauce. This meal is delicious with some rice and citrus salsa!

Wednesday: Loubia bil zeit – one of my favorite vegetarian meals! This stew is so comforting and light, and the long beans in this have a little bite that I love!

Thursday: Suniyet Djaj – pan roasted Arabic style chicken. This meal is SO delicious and flavorful! With school starting for many kids this week, we need quick meals that are hearty and filling and since this one is pretty hands-off, I think it would be perfect! Serve with my Arabic rice pilaf and a simple salad to complete the meal!

Friday: End of summer chili. Alright listen, we still have a few weeks until its officially Autumn, but I still do think you will find this perfect for mid week to use up some of that beautiful summer produce! Top it with some avocados, jalapenos, maybe some salsa or Greek yogurt and cilantro. It’s just too good! (Don’t forget the tortilla chips!)

Saturday: In N Out burgers for the win! You know I’ll be making these on the Blackstone griddle this weekend!

Breakfast: You’ve got to try the best fluffy pancakes of all time! These have become one of our favorite, fun weekend breakfasts and ever since we got a Blackstone griddle, this has been a go-to for us!

Dessert: Arabic coffee and chocolate pot de creme! This dessert is out of this world delicious and if you’re sucker for chocolate like me, you’re going to LOVE this!

Creamy Tomato and White Wine Chicken

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end of summer chili

End of Summer Chili

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Arabic Coffee & Chocolate Pot de Crème

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