Meal Plan 8 – July 3-9

Sayaieh, arab style fish and rice

Last Updated on July 3, 2022 by Jacqueline Rafidi

Its Independence Day week! A short week, a holiday week. You BET I’ll be sharing all the best from The Bite with Jackie this week! Plus, a couple new recipes make a highlight for the big day!

Monday: The BIG DAY! Today we’re going to light that grill up and make some Chicken Kebabs, In N Out style burgers, Greek chicken. Throw in a Middle Eastern potato salad, Tortellini pasta salad and some rice to go with those kebabs! Make a batch of fresh fruit and herb margaritas as well! Find a BUNCH more ideas in my first official recipe round up of all the best things to make for July 4th!

Tuesday: We’re going a little lighter today with 15 minute shrimp and veggie stir fry. You may even have leftovers from the day before if you celebrated!

Wednesday: Mujaddara for a quick and inexpensive weeknight meal. This one pot lentils and rice dish pairs perfectly with my Middle Eastern simple salad and some pickles. Some people also love this with plain yogurt.

Thursday: Orange chicken stir fry is what’s cookin over here! Use ground chicken or Breasts that have been sliced and marinated with some baking soda and soy sauce – check out my Instagram @thebitewithjackie for instructions on that

Friday: Ijjeh zucchini fritters! If you haven’t made these, there’s no better time than now! Especially while zucchini is fresh and in season! So good fresh just by itself or with pita bread!

Saturday: Sayadieh with a nice fresh salad is calling your name! Amazing flavorful rice draped with beautiful fish filets, its perfection.

Dessert: You’ve GOT to make this no-bake dessert, Berry cheesecake icebox cake! My little twist on the classic icebox cake. I think I love this so much, I plan to make tons of varieties of this amazing dessert. You’re gonna love it.

Breakfast: Arab breakfast strata is the way to go for breakfast this week! Perfect to keep in the fridge and warm up pieces throughout the week as you need them.

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