Meal Plan 14: April 2-8

baja fish tacos

Last Updated on April 2, 2023 by Jacqueline Rafidi

Monday: Steak teriyaki bowls and peanut noodle salad

Tuesday: Lasagna soup with herby ricotta

Wednesday: Mediterranean stuffed zucchini boats with Arab rice pilaf!

Thursday: Mexican chicken and rice soup!

Friday: Lemon garlic roasted salmon with herby vinaigrette with 7 spice roasted cauliflower with tahini and dates and Middle Eastern potato salad! Wow this meal is going to be incredible

Saturday: Baja fish tacos (would be perfect for Palm Sunday!)

Breakfast: Black bean and mushroom breakfast tacos! Because tacos 2 days in a row is never a bad idea.

Dessert: Salted brown butter chocolate chip cookies are always necessary

Lenten Meal Plan

Monday: Pulled mushroom sandwich. Start the week off on the right foot with this! So flavorful!

Tuesday: Veggie bibimbap with some Korean silken tofu soup! I could eat this basically every day!

Wednesday: Freekeh salad with corn and shrimp. Would go GREAT with some fattoush!

Thursday: Falafel and tabbouleh!

Friday: 7 spice roasted cauliflower with tahini and dates. I cannot get enough of this! If you haven’t made this yet, now is the time!

Saturday: Baja fish tacos (would be perfect for Palm Sunday!) and some black bean, corn and jicama salsa

Breakfast: Fuul mudammas with warm pita bread, pickles and fresh veggies on the side and a mango spinach and ginger smoothie

Dessert: Zalabieh, because we could all use some at the end of the day!

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